Thursday, December 18, 2008

Baptism and Beyond

Pj's baptism was about a week ago and it's amazing the changes we've felt in our home since. As far as the baptism went, there apparently isn't any hot water in the church so while i had been imagining how I would feel when he finally got baptized, all that went out the window as I heard behind the doors from PJ "ahh it's freezing" and from the Elder baptizing him "is it cold?... aah!" Then when the doors opened PJ was standing there as the Elder was trying to give him directions on how to hold his hands and everything and PJ was just shivering. It was a great day in our spiritual history, but like all great days with us, probably the most entertaining too.

The next day he got confirmed and that packed in some good laughs too, but i think those are more moments you had to be there for. Being left handed, when the Bishopric asked the congregation to sustain him as a member, he naturally raised his left hand. I think with all wards there has to be one (bless her heart) obnoxious old lady and she just so happened to sit behind him and when he raised his left hand she poked him a bunch of times and "whispered" "it's your right hand". It was really funny because being the chorister i was sitting up front and I could hear her from up there so I couldn't help but laugh. There's a longer story with this lady, but once again, prob. wouldn't be funny unless you knew her.

The last big thing is our most immediate blessing after PJ decided to get baptized is that he got a new job! Between the two of us for the past 2 or 3 months, we have been working 3 jobs with only 20 hours a week to show for it. Luckily we have continued to pay our tithing on the small monies we've been making and last week out of the blue PJ's uncle called him and told him there was a job opening where he worked and to come down and fill out an application. If you know PJ, you know how charming (my words) he could be so needless to say he charmed the boss man and we got the call a day or two ago letting us know he got the job! I know to most it doesn't sound like much, but for us it's such a great blessing. He's getting paid quite a bit more and it's an actual full time job with benefits! I think that's the part I'm most excited about. How he broke the news to me (once again I had imagined out excited we would be if he had gotten the job) was "I have good and bad news" I said "you got the job?" he said "well yah, but I wanna live with my grandpa" Looks like we're going to be living in his Grandpa's finished basement for a while to save up on some money, but luckily his uncle's house that he was renting out has freed up so hopefully once we save up and get squared away we can move into our first house! The blessings of the Lord far outweigh the blessings of men. For sure.

Friday, December 12, 2008

"A Wedding Story"

My husband and I met in the Musical Theatre dpt. at Mars Hill college. Nothing profound happened between the moments of "oh, he's cute" and "wanna go out?" but I do remember what helped me fall in love with him. As we were introducing ourselves in class, he announced "Hi, I'm PJ Mitchell, Paul Jeffrey Mitchell, and I love Disney". It was meant to be.

Since then we dated for almost 2 yrs and had a short and sweet engagement.. of about 4 wks. Maybe. We got married on Chenocetah Mountain and only spent $150 in all! With the help of our friends and family which came to the wedding/reception, we were able to go to Disney World for our honey moon and it was a blast! Now that we are spending our third Christmas together we are embarking on yet another adventure: his baptism! Many more pictures to come throughout the year of us preparing to go to the temple... and beyond!