Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Good Times

Well, PJ and I went to the temple tonight and it was so nice to go back. It was PJ's first time and while the Atlanta temple is a little different than some I've been to, it was still beautiful and really nice to share the experience with PJ. It was also nice to be first to get in and get out :) About 20 or more of the youth showed up tonight and from my youth days that's prob. double from what we had but it was really nice to see all of them sacrifice their study, play, sport, etc time to do work for the Lord. Here are some pictures! (as a side note we left from PJ's work so he changed in the van so we could get there in plenty of time, but we got there really early and he was very tired)
Oh and "EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT!" There was yet another miracle that happened tonight. Literally almost right when we pulled into the temple I got a phone call from the temp agency that i just signed on with on Friday saying she had a job for me! I thought it was really wierd because their office hours are 8-5 and she called around 5:30 but I won't question it! So I am now employed (well if all goes well tomorrow) with Tractor Supply Co. in.. I forgot the name of the city, but we're too excited. Thank You Heavenly Father!!