Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Is it an Omen?

So I had a dream a while ago that I didn't really think about until Sat. when I was mindlessly i mean doing a service project of pulling weeds. Here goes:

(Just to explain my sister is currently about 4 mos. pregnant) So I was pregnant in the dream and my sister and I were giving birth at the same time. Except if I were to get pregnant now and then have the baby at the same time as her (yes i reason these things out in my dream) I would be delivering at least 2-3 mos. early. So needless to say I was having complications with my birth and I kept on saying "why can't you do a C-section!" but the nurses, who were also nuns, said that since I was at a Catholic hospital they don't perform C-sections. Also the hospital room we were in was a relief society room. Eventually the nurses brought our babies to us and they looked really wierd (mine was the size of a 2-3 yr. old but really really skinny) and later in the dream we found out that both of our babies had died but the nurses just gave us some babies from the orphanage.

Just to let everyone know before the questions come rolling in- I'm not pregnant. ;)

Friday, April 24, 2009

One brave-heart

Okay okay, so it's another political opinion blog entry, but I'm getting interested! I have spurts of things that I really want to learn about, and once I'm satisfied that I've learned all that I can handle, I move on. Before this it was outer space- and even Wikipedia is a better source than me to try to learn about all the novas and galaxies and so on.

So getting to the point: with all the hype around Obama talking to the Castro's and with N. Korea announcing their bombs, I've started reading up on communist countries (well.. USSR, N.Korea and Cuba...) and there's one overriding theme. In idea or on paper, the things they do for their country seem to be really great. In N. Korea there are uniforms and some women would rebel, but think about being able to always afford your office attire and you don't have to worry about going out of style! There's also filters on radio and TV which I'm sure mothers would say there needs to be so their kids won't get "infected". The last one I can think of right off the top of my head is in Cuba they were (are, I'm not sure) taking in all the homosexuals to be tortured which a lot of right wing conservatives would say great! protect us against those "homos". But here's the problem I have. Isn't it people's right to be able to wear whatever they want? Isn't is people's right to listen to people critisize the president, a church, or Brittany Spears? Isn't it people's right to choose their sexuality? Hear me out on this.

Growing up I learned about Satan's plan vs. God's plan. In a heavenly counsel God and his spirit children were sitting around discussing what was going to take place and I can see it like it were a Mel Gibson movie; Satan (or Lucifer at the time) speaking up and saying "hold on a minute. Why make people choose? Let's choose for them, everyone will return to you, and they'll say 'Man Satan/Lucifer, that was one great plan!'" Of course we know what happened from there, but in idea it was a great plan. Why make people have to deal with temptation, sadness, all the bad of the world. Why not make them be baby making machines, gain a body, and come back? The problem is there's no choice. Being able to choose is one of the sole things God wanted for us (Along with us worshipping him, not Satan..but that's another story) and that's why it's bad for anyone to choose for you. This whole politically correct stuff is rediculous. At least before, people could learn tact and manners. Now you have to say "African American", "pleasantly plump", and the list goes on.

The princible behind censorship is the same regardless of the "good intent" behind it. This is a little extreme, but if actors want to cuss to express themselves on TV, change the channel, or don't watch TV at all. If actors don't want to cuss, watch that TV show. If you know there's a "personals" section on Craigslist and you don't want to look... don't look. If you don't want to pray during a "silent moment" in school...I think you can see where I'm going with this. I don't agree with gay marraige, but I don't think the government should govern who should get married. This country was founded on religious freedom first. Just as I want to be free to worship in the beauitful wards here in America, Baptists should be able to worship, contemporary people should be able to throw their hands up and worship, and yes, as scary as it might be, Athiests should be able to worship. The whole idea of freedom or "free agency" is that everyone has a right to do what they want to do- as long as it doesn't affect the free agency of others. I read a great book by Elder Talmage a couple of months ago called "The Great Apostasy" which addressed free agency. He said (something similar to) those who want to choose good have just as much right to do so as those who choose sin.

God would never inflict His will on others. When people were dying from the snakes, his counsel was to look at the brazen serpent so that they could live. He wasn't just going to save some that didn't look. Even now, the NT paints a picture of him knocking at the door, all we have to do is answer. He's not going to bust down the door and inject you with a "God listning virus". He waits for you to choose to follow Him. The famous scene in Braveheart says it best: FREEEEEEDOM!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

TEA: just a spot of sugar thanks

Today I think a really good thing is happening. There are "TEA" parties going on in various states accross the US (TEA standing for Taxed Enough Already) for people to protest not only income taxes, or taxes in general but government spending. Sadly enough PJ and I did not vote in this election, but I have learned the importance of making sure to cast that ballot and hopefully we will be able to pass the ideals down to our children. It does kill me a little bit (not that I thought either front runner on either side during the election is the answer we need) that if we would have cast our absentee ballots for NC then maybe the out come could have been different (NC was tied.. maybe it only needed two more votes?) A lot of people, and the poster at the government buildings, would say that that doesn't entitle to me to "complain" but freedom of speech is reserved for everyone so here we go.

I do not agree with a lot of the things that are going on right now. I do not believe Federal government should be in control, this is after all supposed to be for the people. The constitution states that the power should thrive within the states, not that the Federal government should control the states (i.e. the people). We have seen the effects big governement have had in other countries and yet people want to see those effects here. I don't blame everything on our current president, things have been sliding ever so slightly for years, but I do blame him for continuing and even saying that it is nessessary for governement to be bigger and more "socialized". I have been trying to learn a lot more so that I can try to be a bit more educated when I speak about sticky subjects like this, but the more I learn the more I realize the governement is abusing their power and convincing the people it's okay. We learn in school that it was governement spending for more programs and such that got us out of the depression, but it was the war. The only thing the government or president at the time had to do with it was get the US involved (which we are seemingly inherently good at).

Another way the government has lied to the people is with income tax. It's illigal! (to learn more about it click here. I really suggest reading it) So of course people should protest it. I'm with Ron Paul when he says if government would cut down their rediculous spending, we wouldn't even need income tax. I won't speak too much on it because the article really explains it all very well. This website also talks about why these government "quick fixes" are actually continually hurting the economy. I'm not scared of this huge economic failing or even the magnitude of the depression necessarily happening again. I am worried of loosing my freedom. Freedom to keep my own money, freedom to choose whom I want in the congress representing me, freedom to not be monitered by the government, freedom to not have health care if I choose not to. I am worried that people will get too confident in the Federal government of saying "we're doing this for your best interest" and eventually end up with societies represented in 1984 or V for Vendetta. I applaud Texas for not accepting the governments money, and I applaud all who can go to protest today in their state capitol. Once again, PJ and I have to bow out on actually being there because we are going to share another great message: that of the Gospel. :) If I dissapear and am erased from public files, you'll know where I'll really be. ;)