Wednesday, July 29, 2009

SO not PC

Disclaimer: This is my blog so I am voicing my opinions here. I'm not being "PC". So here goes! :)

I've recently talked about a Pampered Chef party I went to and abbreviated it to PC. That's not the PC I'm talking about today. Politically Correct. I don't appreciate it. Here are some things I've been thinking about.

I hate the whole going "green" movement. Especially after reading The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming (see my Reading List), my eyes were open to the scams. Why should I buy a more expensive bottle of cleaning solution because it's "green"? Why would it affect the environment to use a "green" dusting solution? Or a "green" shampoo? The only thing I could imagine would be if I was washing my car and the run off affected my lawn. The worse thing for the environment are the plastic bottles all these "green" chemicals are sold in. I call it a scam because I have to pay more for something that doesn't really make a difference in cleaning or the environment. I mean saying that you're not for the "greens" is construed into saying things like you don't support Oprah's school in Africa.

I also don't understand why the "PC" name for black people is African-American. I mean when I fill out a census there's not a "Welch-American" spot. I have to circle I'm white. Why then is it offensive for a non-white person who isn't actually Asian or Mexican to be called black?

Did you know? It's also now not "PC" to call sitting down on the floor with your legs crossed Indian style because it's offensive? I think if Indians can get over white I mean Euro-Americans killing their people and stealing their land they can deal with the fact that a sitting style is named after them. The substitute? Criss Cross Applesauce. I always knew applesauce was good for something!

Monday, July 27, 2009

KFC, Long John Silvers, and other fried attractions

I grew up in NC near the beach/outer banks. After my 7th grade year, we moved to the mountains of NC and I just knew the first day of school would consist of overalls and straw hats. Continuing into high school, I tried as hard as I could to not get a southern accent. I started my own dialect with "ahvahcahdoe" (avacado), and "k-awch" (couch). I even wrote a journal entry to my English teacher about how stupid I thought the south was and as soon as I could I was going to go to the better places like New York or California. I pictured southern people sitting around eating KFC or other fried food, rocking in their rocking chair on the front porch with straw in their teeth. For some reason I didn't look around me and realize it was all in my head. I'll blame it on teenage hormones.

As I've studied more about politics and histories, I'm becomming more and more proud of the south. I realize there are some real idiots around here, but there are idiots everywhere. I'm sure every once in a while I'll slip up and act like one :). I'm starting to see that family is one of the most important things among southern folks. I'm starting to see that southern folks care a lot about their liberty and want what's best for America, not whoever will pay them the most. I'm relieved that I can carry a gun with me for protection, that I have the ability to go and catch meat for myself if I... hunted. I'm learning that a "slow" lifestyle doesn't mean stupid, but that life moves fast enough. I love the true kindness I come into contact with. And dagonit, I'm even starting to laugh with Paula Dean instead at her. I'll never be a country girl, but I'm starting to be okay with being a southern one.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Stories to last a Lifetime

In waiting for my new (temp) job starting next week (YAY!), I watched some TV today. While flipping through the channels, the new Lifetime series Drop Dead Diva was on. I've seen bits of the pilot episode and it was somewhat interesting so I decided to watch the next episode. If you're not familiar with the show, the basis is that an upcoming model (Deb) gets in a car wreck, goes to heaven but it's been a mistake and gets put in a plus sized lawyer's body (Jane). So of course there's the theme of how she's trying to diet and excersize and all that. Being a lawyer, she had a case of an overweight cocktail waitress being fired because, well, she gained weight. Besides the fact that in the contract it stated if you change your appearence you will be fired, Jane (the overweight but has a "skinny girl" mind character) argued her closing statement basically saying it was discrimination and just like work places shouldn't discriminate against race, sex, etc... they shouldn't discriminate against body size.

I've thought most of the day as to whether or not I agree with her statment. The end result? I don't. Your race and sex (within reason) cannot be changed. You cannot help the fact that you were born into an asian/jewish/black/etc.. family. You cannot help the fact that God made you a girl/boy. I would argue to say you can help your body size. Especially considering the circumstances of this "court case", the woman who had been fired gained 50 lbs while working there so at one time she was smaller. Especially if she signed a contract stating if she changed her look she had grounds to be terminated, there should be no further argument. Private companies should have a right to hire whom they choose.

My opinion on the show? I think it could be cute. I'm not going to lie and say I hope the show lasts 8 series and she continues to change people's view on overweight women. In the show,I don't think overweight women (in my short experience with the show) have been rightly portrayed. There's a lot of "cookie jar" jokes and everyday for breakfast Jane has a chocolate covered doughnut with sprinkles. I hope they change her diet (or she, the character...whatever) to say that sometimes seemingly overweight women are rather healthy. Bodies are just built differently. Who knows. It's Lifetime. I haven't heard of anyone watching Lifetime since... well... ever.

Dollar Movies and Beef Jerky

You would have never thought that dollar store beef jerky could be tasty, but it is! And there was a lot in the package!

Okay, so last night we went to go see Angels and Demons at the dollar theatre. Of course the book is going to be better so it's really hard to rate the movie by itself. It was O.K. I would give it 2.5 stars. First for the positive things: I liked the woman who played Vittoria in this movie better. A lot of the scenes were the way I imagined. I like that the places and buildings held true to the main story and it's very suspenseful! A part from the book, they made a pretty good attempt at making it a concise movie (3 hrs).

Of course the things I didn't like is they threw out the first 100 pages of the book, made up a begining, actually changed a lot of information. This will sound... well what's it's going to sound like, but in the book the killer or assassin had more personality defects. In the movie it wasn't believable that he would have really cut out an eye ball to get into the vault to steal the anti matter. In the book the assassin is a predator. After his first kill he ends up going to some sort of brothel and it explains how he deserves a reward for his kill. Also at the end he ties up Vittoria and talks about how she will be a great reward once Robert is out of the way. The movie's ending was waay different and just kind of seemed to end. Another thing that's going to sound odd, is I liked the darkness of the book. Dan Brown went into a lot of detail to explain how each person died and what the body looked like. In the movie they captured it, but for me it didn't show how merciless the killer was.

All in all, a good story is a good story and this movie was better than DaVinci Code movie. But with these stories, you really do need to read the books. Dan Brown writes almost in the technique of word vomit with every sentence packing in more and more details and facts. The last thing I noticed is the movie had no down time. Dan Brown is really good about suspending you from the fact that another person is going to die in 5 minutes to tell you something about this character or that one. The movie just seemed to be screaming at you the whole time which can have the opposite effect of being boring.

I think the whole "based on" is really lame. It reminds me of the tortillas commercials when the bag has a "hint". Does "based on" mean I kept all the names the same but decided to place it in Africa instead of Antartica? I mean could The Producers be based on WWII because they write a play about Hitler? They should just go ahead and change the name of the movie. Like Adventures of Robert Langdon based on the book Angels and Demons. But the beef jerky was seriously really good- def. earned 5 stars in my book. Yum!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Good Eats

I didn't want to combine the two posts since they're two completely different topics, but in further news I went to my first non-hosted pampered chef party today. 'Twas fun and I really enjoyed the company (thanks Boot!) but I have to give my ever so few complaints. I think the owning the own business thing is a good idea and very attractive to people. I mean what a better business plan, let's make food and show people how easy it is to make and supply them with really great items to help them make it for their family. But I took the training to be a consultant and this is the way I would do it. (You see, PJ's mom got into it last Christmas and wanted to win the trip to Disney World so she asked me to be a consultant to get her some more points, but she's since stopped, so I'm not under any pressure to do it anymore. Thus I threw my books away and kept the supplies. Awesome!)

I would have friends come together, already have the food made, have the books ready for them to look at, give some demonstrations, and let people talk. I also wouldn't be able to stick solely to the recipe's from PC. What can I say, I'm a little rebellious? The recipe we made was really nice for summer:

1 LB jerk chicken (supposed to use PC spices, but you can decide how you're going to flavor it)
1 box small bow tie pasta
1 bell peper
bundle of green onions
1 can of black beans
1/2 pineapple (prob. a med. sized can if you're like me and want to cheat)

Juice from 2 limes
1/3 cup mayonase
2 Tb pineapple perserves

Mix it all together and what do you get? Good Eats. I would suggest to add something salty to counterbalance the acid. Romano cheese is at the top of my list, but salt would work too.

I have also started to make my own sauces and it's a lot of fun! Tonight's dinner is one of my fav's so I would like to share the recipe from that too. Saute mushrooms (about 6oz) and sundried tomatoes (however many you'd like, if any) in about 1 tsp butter. Once the mushrooms are soft, take off heat and add 8oz milk with 1 Tb flour. Stir in really well, put back on about med-low heat. Season with salt and pepper (and I added some garlic too). Serve over ravioli and yum yum!!Needless to say, Good Eats!! So... What are some of you's guy's favorite recipe's??

Airy Potta

Welp, I've been trying to think what we've been up to and I realized I missed a completely perfect opportunity to let you all know about Harry Potter! We went to see it with the LatchAW's :) on opening night and it was really good! Now, I'm not a book reader so of course things were left out or added or changed, but a good movie it did make. I don't want to read the books yet so I can enjoy the movies. I would give it 4.5 stars on a 5 point scale. Mostly because The Dark Knight is a 5 star-er and it doesn't quite compare with that.

As far as Harry Potter goes, the story was very clear, not too predictable (once again, not a book reader), effects were right on, acting was mahvelous, and very clever writing. I think acting in the nude show in London (Equius) really helped Daniel Radcliff catch onto timing and such. Because you won't hear this often, this is a movie I would definetly suggest to see in the theatre or if you have awesome home theatre surround sound, wait to rent or own it and watch it there. Brava!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hooked on Epiphanies

For our anniversary a little while ago where we were, we weren't really close to a ward. So we had church on the front porch, or rather we read scriptures together on the front porch of our little vacation cabin. I was reading in Galations when Paul speaks about the blessings of the spirit. After all theological questions are at least attempted to be answered when other people talk to us about our faith, the argument of faith vs. works comes. The scripture says:

"Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, bariance, emulations, wrath...But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance:against such there is no law."

I paused after we read this and thought if we could be perfect, if we could always love and have joy and be peaceful etc... then we wouldn't need guidelines or what other people see as "works". We are asked to visit sisters in the ward once a month so that we can learn to love people that we usually don't come into contact with and learn to love to serve. We have guidelines to help us become perfect in the things which are of God. It would be unfair for God to tell us to be perfect, tell us the end result of when we get there, but not how we get there. I have become thankful more than ever for small things about the gospel like the organization. I am so thankful that God thought of everything. It's all so organized!

In latter news, my regular nintendo still indeed works and PJ and I played for hours this weekend. I got a new high score on Dr. Mario and I'm pretty proud that I have one of the original gameing systems. Yup, we're pretty much that cool. :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

FIsh Eggs

To join to everyone else's awesome stories of the fourth, PJ and I went really low key this year (considering last year we spent it in Disney World!) and went fishing with his dad. I caught the first bass and it was the biggest, only to find out when we were cleaning the rest that she had eggs ready to lay. Sorry fishy!

I also cut and cooked the 3 fish we kept which made me feel handy dandy and they were pretty good! I think I will start eating fish, but only the fish either we catch and eat within 24 hrs or at beach restuarants. WOOT!

Then for the fireworks portion, we shot off PJ's guns while his little 6 yr old step bro was around and he thought it was awesome. Well, until one of the rifle shells shot off and hit him in the neck. Heh heh. I also made another "April comment" as I'll start to call them. I shot off the first gun and said "yah! That's what PJ's grandad will hear one night..." Of course what I meant was when and if anyone ever broke in.. yah there's not a good way to dig yourself out of that one.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Uh Oh

My mom tells me my first word was "uh oh" and rightly so. I seem to "mis-hear" things a lot. These are a few examples of what I always thought people said and until recently found out I was wrong.

"Little Miss Muffit sat on her tuffet eating her terds away"

alligator instead of escalator

"Went to bondage inside your kiss" (Want to vanish inside your kiss)

"Did he just say 'May your first son be a Mexican?'" (in response to PJ's grandad toasting to our first son being masculine)

"With the butt stains on the carpet" (M.J's Smooth Criminal with the blood stains on the carpet)

Seriously, the last one I just figured out this past week. UH OH!