Thursday, August 27, 2009

To Laugh or Not to Laugh...

PJ will laugh at anything. We watch shows together and I think "slapstick comedy was made for this guy!" Me, not so much. Sometimes I wander if I have a sense of humor. This sneaking suspicion came forward the other night as PJ and I watched The Producers. He laughed the whole time. Through the old granny's playing the milk maids, through Mathew Broderick freak out and grasp his baby blanket, to "Ula" getting it and flaunting it. I just sat there for the whole 2 1/2 hrs and thought "this musical is so weird".

Fast forward to last night and (or rewind..) I decided to take a gigantic leap and watch The Office. I'm not fond of what I call stupid funny. I think Will Farrell is idiotic and annoying. But! This show is hilarious! We only watched the first two episodes but I actually laughed along with PJ. Finally we have found something we can both laugh at. And yes, I do have a sense of humor! However small it may be.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

More gratitude, trust, meekness, HELP give me! (Please)

Because PJ and I got married so young, people were naturally concerned and wanted to put their 2 cents in. We got a lot of advice, some through family and friends, some through the books they gave us. While making the 8-hr drive to Orlando for our honeymoon, we decided to read one of these books. While not by an LDS author, I think she had the right idea. The book is called "Called to be his Help Meet" and it gave a lot of good insight into how men think and what they expect, and how women can achieve pleasing their husband while not loosing themselves. I felt very enlightened and have tried to use a lot of the ideas during our whole one year of marriage. (Gosh I must be a pro by now!)

And yet still being so young, I still wander, what am I supposed to achieve in life? How can I fulfill God's purpose He has for me? I've been told a lot to use my talents. To develop them and use them to help others and in High School I was convinced that meant to major in Musical Theatre to enlighten the world with how awesome I was (am). I thought Heavenly Father and I were like 2 peas in a pod and he got me. He understood me so it was okay to take pleasure in Musical Theatre. He unterstood me so it was okay to miss church for rehersals or performances. After all I was showcasing the talents He gave to me.

I've since learned I had it backwards. While studying the scriptures, I came across a revelation given to Emma Smith (summary here, click here if you want to read the real thing) in short stating that she should not question the things she could not see and that while she was a holy woman, her purpose was to help the Prophet. She needed to console him, comfort him, support him. Could you imagine having the world come against you and your own spouse wouldn't even be there to sustain you? Just like it wasn't up to Emma if Joseph should through inspiration translate the plates, restore Christ's church, be tarred, have her children die, and eventually her husband die (that's truly for better or worse), it isn't up to me to tell God how I'm going to run my life. Another scripture states "For I the Lord cannot look upon sin with the least degree of allowance". This makes me think of excuses that are so popular now. "We shouldn't have sex before we're married, but since we're in love, it's okay" or "I can drink in 'moderation' as long as I don't get 'drunk'" or "It doesn't matter if I go to church because God knows my heart" and the list goes on. I can just imagine when it gets down to it it's going to be very much like a parent scolding their child. "What did I say about going outside?" "you said not to do it" "and did you?" "Yes! But..." "Did you or didn't you?".

For right now I feel like I need to heed the counsel given to Emma. I don't know if I have this grand purpose outside motherhood, but isn't that great enough? I know I get true joy out of serving my husband, cooking for him, cleaning up after him, choosing to focus on the good in him instead of complaining about the .. not so good. Through serving him I really do feel like I'm serving the Lord. I think "now, is this going to strengthen our relationship, or weaken it?" Should I constantly tell him if it wasn't for me we'd have cereal every night? Should I constantly tell him he smells, he needs to stop playing video games, he needs to do this or that? It's very much like counseling God, no? "Heavenly Father, I'm really tired of this, you need to help me out here!"

I want to approach my Heavenly Father with meekness and try to see what He wants me to do. I want to strengthen our relationship by doing my part instead of just assuming He's going to do His. I want to spread the joy of what a woman was sent here to do. And just want to mention only 4 more months until December! Woot and Amen.

2 stars, 3 stars, 4 stars, 5 stars!?

Last night I really wanted Chinese buffet. I mean huge room full of foreign food all at my disposal. So after making a few phone calls (thanks Hoyles!) we were directed to a restaurant which we were very excited to try. Alas, while the General's chicken, sweet and sour chicken, and LoMein were all very yummy, I couldn't stomach anything else (and a plate full of chicken does not a W.O.W meal make). And for $12.60 a person, it's hardly worth it. They had a sushi bar which was exciting, and having the sushi pro's (LatchAW's) there to explain that it was pretty good was even better. They had snow crab legs there, some snails, oysters, an assortment of different authentic dishes. I tried the various dumplings whether it was the meat dumpling, chive or custard, but that was definitely the end of my meal. I think I'm going to stick to Thai restaurants from now on.

Speaking of, since we've moved here we've had a lot of great advice for restaurants to try out. Starting with Thai suggested by no other than Sis. Garner, this restaurant for all you Lilburn-ies is really great! The atmosphere isn't that spectacular, but the food and service are fabulous. Located off River Rd where River meets Oak Rd- give it a try! 5 stars! (because I can't even try to cook this type of food at home)

Next in line is the ward favorite here (thanks Boot!) for mexican. Los Hermanos in the Wu-Mart shopping center off Lawrenceville Hwy is so good. Their $3 tacos will not make you sick and they're so yummy. 4 stars! (because I can still attempt to make this kind of food at home, but splurging every once and a while to get a real one won't hurt the bank too much)

Going on to Vietnamese with aforementioned Hoyles was yet again surprisingly yummy! I was expecting cow heads and chicken feet with blood soup, but it was actually on the verge of fine dining for fairly low costs. I wouldn't mind going again (Hoyles...?) 4 stars! (cause I'm still not convinced somewhere I didn't eat a cow brain or something)

For PJ's birthday the LatchAW's treated us to an all you can eat trial dinner at Buffalo's in Buford. The guys enjoyed it, the girls didn't. To get all you can eat wings is about $12.00. On the regular menu I believe wings get to be about that much near the 10 or 15 mark so you have to eat more than I'll say 20 to make it worth it (which is far too much for dainty me). So for the guys- probably 4 stars, but for me 3 stars (because the atmosphere was cute and they do have other things than wings- but also because Wild Wings is better) with no intention of going back.

Lastly Super Grand Buffet (1st paragraph). As you can tell I wasn't that thrilled. 2.5 stars and I won't be going there again.

Any other suggestions? We'll take 'em! Oh, and I'd like to give a shout out to Oodles in Gainesville. If you're ever up there it's off I believe Pearl Nix in the Best Buy shopping center. All time favorite restaurant! They have pasta bowls from all different influences, American, Italian, Asian... Yum! Definitely 5 stars! Any takers?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Berfday!!

Wednesday was PJ's birthday (berfday as we like to call it) and he turned the big 2-2! To celebrate we made bunches and bunches of cupcakes (thanks Boot!) all in a "LOST" theme. Originally I was going to try to plan a LOST party for him, but we realized a lot of our friends have kids, and our humble basement wouldn't be able to house safely those little dumplin's. So we made cupcakes and decorated them with our interpretation of LOST symbols. I took pictures, but apparently we've lost the camera cord for the camera to hook up to the computer... so those are soon to come.

We also went out to Red Lobster where his friends and family met us and we had fun catching up. Unfortunately we ate kinda late so everyone stuffed themselves and didn't want any cup cakes (we brought 24 and came home with prob. 18 with another dozen in the fridge...). Ah well, Happy 22nd Berfday PJ!!