Wednesday, September 30, 2009

If it's Not One Thing...

As I'm sure most of my audience knows by now our basement got flooded with the massive ATL rains. It wasn't horribly bad, just inconvenient enough to creep under your skin and almost make you crazy. You see, we live in our house. We watch TV, are computer junkies and have furniture to match. I cook dinner every night, make our lunches and eat breakfast at home. I had even started a new internet video excersice routine. Living without all these things for almost a week is a burden. To some, a vacation (i.e. PJ) but after eating out for the 3rd time, I miss my awesome home-made cooking. (and we ate out much more than 3 times)

So as the carpet was finishing getting put back in place and drying from shampooing, I happily drove off to work today knowing we would have our furniture back in place when we got home. Except when I was a good ways on the interstate I saw steam coming off the hood of our cute little banged up miata. No, April, it wasn't steam, it was def. smoke. I pulled off the side of the road, made the necessary phone calls and tried to make it to the exit that was 1/2 a mile away, pulled into a gas station and sat. I wish I had a twitter because it would look like this: 8:00AM- sitting at a gas station. 9:00AM- sitting at a gas station. 10:00AM sitting at a gas station. And on and on until my white night came at 2:00PM to rescue me in his grey charriot from said gas station. It wasn't that bad. I actually fell asleep for most of the morning until it got too hot to sleep. We did get the furniture back in place and the car fixed and groceries bought and half the laundry done. It's been an eventful day, but let's keep it plain and simple heh?

Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Berfday to Me!

Not to brag about it or anything, but I had an awesome berfday! With the flooding of the basement starting out the week the only place to go was up right? We were very fortunate to have the Latchaw's let us stay with them when the world or at least Atlanta was ending Monday (all day). I mean it took me an hour to get half way down Pleasant Hill. Usually only a 10-15 minute road all the way down. Not so pleasant people. But! The water started drying and while all of the carpet is still not put together, you have to "Count Your Blessings" right? So I know you all are dying to know... we stayed with PJ's dad Friday night and PJ planned a whole awesome surprising day for me. I know you wish you had him but he's mine :). He took me to get my hairs cut. Okay! side note time. When we lived in Cornelia (northern GA) I knew a lady who was PJ's friend's mom who had her own business and was very good at cutting/ styling hair. I tried to call her all month to schedule an appointment for her to cut my hair (kind of the whole point of staying at PJ's dad's house an hour and a half away) so we got to the place 10:00AM on a rainy Saturday morning and it was under new management! So we scrambled to find another place...

And we're back. So After that experience he took me shopping and then I got my hairs cut by an awesome lady named Shelby (i know I said pictures would come... but no thanks) and then he took me out to dinner! *sigh* Twas a lot of fun. Sunday we were supposed to start our temple prep class but it was cancelled so we left after Sacrament and relaxed. And in case anyone is interested Jan 8&9th are the special dates! Colombia, SC here we come!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Bed Time Stories

Yes. After watching The Office every night, it's very hard to wind down. So one night I asked PJ to tell me a bedtime story so I could get bored (really) and stop my mind from thinking enough to go to sleep. So the first night I tried this, he told me a story about a monkey and a man who went to the circus together and he listed all the animals and acts they saw and it worked! I was really sleepy by the end of the story and went right to sleep. The next night I tried this, he told this story:

"So there was this mouse who was really really big..."
"So it was a rat?"
"No it was a mouse. So this mouse was really big, like human-size and he was so big he walked on two legs. And since he was so big he had a big tail but he would always hit people because he couldn't see where it was and people would complain and get hurt because the rat tail..." (apparently it was a rat...) "would swing all over. So this doctor came and said 'hey why don't we fix this. Let's move your tail from the back to the front so you can see where it is all the time'. So the doctor moved his tail from the back to his chest and he stopped hitting people. But since the tail was so big he kept tripping over it so he went back to the doctor and said 'Hey this isn't working I keep tripping over my tail'. So the doctor gave him a wheel chair and the rat stopped tripping over his tail. But since the rat stopped walking his legs got really weak and he couldn't walk anymore so he went to the doctor and said 'Hey my legs are really weak now and I can't walk' and the doctor said 'well you shouldn't have been so lazy and used the wheelchair all the time'."

Needless to say, I did not fall asleep as easily that night. The bedtime stories have since stopped.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Getting Down to Business

Today we have three matters of business to discuss. First: We went to go see "9" Friday night and I give it 2 stars. It wasn't too long, the picture was clear, and it was very Tim Burton-esk. I would venture to say it was a mix between Edward Scissors Hand and Coraline. The plot wasn't really there though and in fear of giving too much away, it would make a better game than it did a movie.

Next! I used to straighten my hair every day. Then I went to college and got lazy and the curls kind of took over my life (especially once I moved to humidly hot hot-lanta). I've attempted to straighten my hair and it just turned into a big frizzy mess so yesterday I splurged and got a non-conair straightener and it's AWESOME! I give big props to my new Remington straightener but I now realize my hair is untamingly long and it will soon be chopped. Pictures to come ;).

Finally courtesy of Rachel Ray, we found a recipe which combines my two favorite types of food. Italian and Asian! Last night we tried this Thai pizza recipe and it was wonderful. I was unsure about it because... it's a Thai Pizza, but it was so good I mean really you should try it. We left off some of the toppings and I think the next time we make it I won't add the red pepper. It was spicy hot, but wonderfully yummy. 3 Thumbs up!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

At Long Last...

Through Labor Day weekend traffic, 3 trips to Fry's and a slow internet connection the ever so long awaited birthday pictures! PJ mixing up the cupcake mix:

Our "LOST" themed cupcakes. I have to brag embarrassingly and say I did these with on exception. The stations are The Arrow, The Pearl, The Swan, The Flame, LOST, The Hatch (AKA The Swan), The Staff, The Hydro, The Looking Glass (supposed to be a bunny...)
The Lamppost. I'll just continue to list what they are although some are obvious. PJ, 22, Polar Bear poop (yes there are polar bears on a tropical island in LOST) Choice vs. Fate, Mr. Clean (PJ's favorite nickname for John Locke, his favorite character), a "sun" for the character Sun, a palm tree, Oceanic 815, and a plane...
Said polar bear, 4-8-15-16-23-42, a submarine..., the two islands (hydro/main), the imploded hatch, the caves, and a fish cookie.

(Once again) Happy Birthday PJ!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Good To Know!

Fry's is an electronic store with really good prices coming only second to Ebay. They always have clearance bins in the front of the store with really, really good deals! While perusing said clearance bins we found pepper spray. I got really excited because it was really cheap and there has been quite the rise in crime in Gwinnett and surrounding counties. SO! we bought that and a camera cord (camera cord doesn't work, hopefully pictures to come soon!) and I wanted to try the pepper spray out in the parking lot to make sure when it got down to it I knew how to use it. In case you don't know, pepper spray comes in a leather casing and I always thought you sprayed it from this leather casing so I tried and red spray went all over my hand. I acted quickly and squeezed some antibac on my hands trying to wash it off fast and tried the pepper spray again, taking it out of the leather casing and it sprayed in a wonderful stream of burning. I didn't think much about my hand and apparently I scratched my upper lip and while browsing in Hal-Mark my lip started burning. We tried to hurry to the bathroom as quickly as possible to wash our hands and I tried to scrub my lip but no such luck. Soon after that my hands started burning and even the acid corroded hands of PJ were burning pretty badly. When we got home I used all the burn cream in our first aid kit and spread it on my hands. Funny things about burns- they burn worse when you try to treat them with aloe. So now I know first hand the effects of pepper spray and trust me, I won't be using it on a whim ;).