Friday, December 31, 2010

On the Road-Day 3

Today was a long day! We drove in all about 12 hrs and that was mostly in Nebraska. We woke up to a nice dusting of snow on the ground and it stopped maybe 2-3 hours later but have you ever heard of "blown snow"? The snow here is like dust and since it doesn't stick right to the ground, the wind blows it around. When we left our hotel this morning it actually looked like glitter was falling from the sky. Nebraska was very windy and yes, dull. Besides where we stayed last night (Lincoln) I think there's one other city which is close to Lincoln and the rest of Nebraska is farmland. We made it to Wyoming and it wasn't quite as windy but the interstate was closed so we had to wait about in hour during which I was ready to break! When we were in Nebraska dealing with the "blown snow" (don't get me wrong people, I mean depending on how windy it was, and it got up to 30 MPH, you couldn't see the road underneath you let a lone in front of you) I saw on the GPS we were close to the Wyoming border and I kept on saying "It'll be better in Wyoming" over and over. Eventually we were still driving at night and PJ had to get in front of me because I can't see well at night so my montra changed to "watch his lights". During this trying day I talked to the Lord- a lot! And I started thinking about the Brother of Jared and how he had to trust in the Lord to deliver him with only glowing rocks and a plug for air across the Atlantic Ocean to the promised land and also about the pioneers who walked across the country with their hand carts, sometimes bare foot and I realized I how blessed we are to be following what the Lord wants for us. We're way tired however and will hopefully make it to our final destination tomorrow: Rexburg Idaho!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

On the Road-Day 2

The sun rises and sets earlier in the middle of the country so we started out the day around 7:30 this morning! We crossed the border from Illinois into Missouri (Misery...) into Iowa into Nebraska. I have realized I am slightly afraid of bridges. Crossing over all these rivers on some pretty massive bridges freaks me out. Espcially seeing the water on the GPS. Missouri was surprisingly pretty happening for the first little while. The farther northwest we drove the more farmland we saw. Lincoln Nebraska is a decent sized town though and since we're on the top floor of our hotel in the city the view is pretty nice! No snow still (thankfully) and it actually got up to 67 degrees, but with tons of wind. We've been watching the weather now that we're driving more north than west and hopefully the snow will hold off until we get to Rexburg. Thank you for all your prayers thus far and please keep praying for our safety!

On the Road-Day 1

Today we went from Georgia into Tennessee into Kentucky into Illinois. Through the Tennessee mountains, there was still snow on the ground and it was beautiful! No snow on the roads- never fear! Kentucky was pretty dull. Even the names they come up with are sad like Mounds of Minerals Museaum and "Land between two rivers". Finally we drove through the southern part of Illinois and I liked it! I like the rocks that poked through and the small trees. I like being able to see all around me as well. We stopped right outside St. Louis at a neat little hotel which had a hot tub in the room! We were blessed with good weather, little to no traffic, and phones so I could call PJ any time I wanted even though he was always right behind me. Good day one!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Moving on Up

I had all these thoughts of introducing our trip in a neat way, but I got sick right before Christmas and we travelled up to NC in a big circle on back down and I've been packing ever since we got back so I just don't have it in me. The big news is: We're moving to Idaho! As in tomorrow! Well, we'll be driving so we won't get there until 4 days from now, but we're leaving tomorrow. I have my car mostly packed and I'm waiting on PJ to get home so we can get his packed and be on our way. PJ will be going to BYU-Idaho for Computer Science and Engineering and eventually I will join him in a major in Psychology. For a while I'll be working and such.

I am excited and not excited about this move. I think I hate what everybody hates: the packing/cleaning. There's really no organized way to tear apart your house while living in it. We had a yard sale which got rid of mostly everything 2 weeks ago but living out of boxes isn't all it's cracked up to be. Once we're on the road I think I'll be excited again. I'll try to update with pictures and such while on the road- it all depends on our hotels and if they have comp. wifi. We are taking 2 cars (as said before) but not the two cars you might think. My Passatt of course and PJ spent all summer fixing his Mazda Miata, yes a 2 seater convertable, to drive into the snowy plains of the west. He did a great job fixing it! I just wish we had a little bit more storage room to carry all of our stuff. Ah well, bon voyage!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Instead of Going to Stake Conference..

PJ is selling a '97 Mazda 626 and a guy was coming to look at it yesterday around 4:00. PJ wanted to make sure it was nice for the guy who was coming so he put some belt dressing on the belts, only he put too much. So he thought he would wipe it off (with the car running) with this jacket sleeve. Only when you put belt dressing on belts it makes the belt sticky so when he put his jacket sleeve on the belt it sucked his hand in under the belt and took his finger on a rotation (or two). When he pulled it out he was grateful his finger was still there, but worried because it hurt.

A lot. So dripping blood he came to the door grimacing and eventually I hopped up and got a rag and poured some hydrogen peroxide on it and zoomed off to the ER. The X-ray showed no break or fracture (thank you Heavenly Father!) but his nail had to come off because, well, it was crushed. Oh, and the blood got under his wedding ring:

A wedding ring marked with blood. I thought it was cool. He told people at church today when asked what happened he was pointing his finger at me saying "go in there and do the dishes" and that I latched on. I don't know which story is better...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Advice from a hum drum Exercise Junkie

I did "it"! I kind of completed one round of P90X. I say kind of because in the very beginning I didn't work out every day. In fact I got very discouraged about half-way through and was ready to give up because I wasn't seeing results I was seeing in PJ. PJ is half the person he was a year ago and all I saw on me was a bump here, some unwanted curves there... People a lot of the times blame "society" for women's self image problems, but I think the message these days is very real. Back in the day beauty was just this "skinny" thing that no one could accomplish. But now health has been pushed, almost thrown at us, and I think it is a much more attainable beauty than a "skinny" word. Even on the diet advertisements those women aren't "skinny", but they are healthy. They still have hips and are curvy and very feminine and don't look like they have to be on drugs in order to maintain their bodies.

I explain all of this because in my short experience of working out, if I say I'm working out or try to explain how I'm going up in weights or whatever, the next question out of any one's mouth is "how many pounds/inches have you lost?" and I honestly don't know and don't care. I don't want to be a number. I was a size 6 in High School and thought I was fat. I look back now and say "wow I was so skinny!" but that doesn't mean that unless I am a size 6 again I will not be skinny. I want to work out every day of my life. I want to be healthy. If I work out every day of my life and stay at a size 8-10, that is OK. I do not want to have a scale in my house to monitor when I have gained a pound in a day or lost two pounds in a day. I do not want my weight to define me.

Some other things I found out during my almost quiting time is that naturally women do lose weight slower than men. Men have about 3-5% body fat and women have about 10-15% body fat because a woman's body is always trying to stay prepared for having a baby so the body holds on to more nutrients or whatever the body needs for babies. Women also have a slower metabolism so half-way through I started taking a multi-vitamin and it has really helped! Although I cannot say "I lost 50 LBS doing P90X" I can say my clothes are fitting better (and some are getting loose..) I do not always have to wear two sports bras to fit into my shirts anymore or to work out and can I just say PJ is excited as well. I also find I don't crave fatty foods. I guess since my body is burning off all these calories and nutrients my body wants vegetables and fish and some meat to replenish them. I have technically been exercising since around March and just in the last two months really seen a significant change so to anyone who is exercising and feels discouraged: Keep at it! It is a slow process and I have cried a few times over putting all this work into something that is seemingly not working, but it is. Some other good advice is it took me a couple years to gain this weight, it is going to take a while to take it off. I will start next week on another P90X program and maybe I'll continue to lose weight and maybe I'll stabilize right where I am. I am April- not LBS.