Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Here We Are

Here we are in Disney World and I wish I could say so much has been going on! We got here Wednesday and had a good friend take us to EPCOT after a long day of waiting in lines to check in. Thursday we filled out all the legal paperwork to begin working and this same friend then took us to Hollywood Studios. Only, it started to raining-rather storming- and we trekked through it all. The longest line was maybe 5 minutes and we got to ride the new and improved Star Tours, Tower of Terror, Aerosmith, and Toy Story Mania! When we got back to our apartment we were soaked and cold and prepared to go to our first day of training. Only, I got a call the next day stating my back ground check hadn't been cleared so I could not start training yet. PJ went and has been working for the whole time we've been here, but I've been sitting in our apartment waiting for the call to start work. Also, the storm that we walked around in fried our modem and we got back online today. We still have four more months so I'm sure it will become much more lively around here, but right now it's kind of a downer. As Dory always says "Just keep swimming..."

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Greetings from FL:

Ahhh, the beach. We have driven at least 3,000 miles over the past 3 weeks and we are ready to sit still for a little bit. We are waiting to check in at our apartment in Disney World, but that is on Wednesday so we decided to get some R&R at the beach until then. We got another great rate at Priceline at a beach side resort with paddle boats and private cabanas. Oh, and tons of fresh seafood. We have had so much fun visiting with our families the past couple of weeks and they have been so great! Great food, comfortable beds to sleep in, and wonderful company of course. We're about to get back into the working world and anyone I know that has gone through the Disney College Program loved it, but I'm still a bit nervous. I'm already excited to start my next semester of school, so I think these next four months will fly by. If you're in the area and want to go to Disney World, just let us know! Until then...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Greetings from GA!

Whew! We made it to Georgia and have not stopped having fun. North Carolina was a blast, especially being able to see my mammow. She is the sweetest lady I know and she took us out to Fatz, PJ's first time. He could not stop eating the dinner roles! He said they were like little butter filled doughnuts. I'm pretty sure he ate a whole basket by himself. Now we're at PJ's mom's house and we've already been panning for gold, walked around the Appalachain Trail (notice I said around), had a swim party, and grilled out some steaks! All in one day. We'll be here for a little while longer and then off to PJ's dad's and then off to... Florida!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Greetings From NC:

We made it! First final destinations of many but we get to stay here for a while and not drive all over the place. The drive once again was clear weather and safe (thank you for all your prayers) but it was a good 11-12 hour day. Thus when we got into town the last thing I wanted to do was sit some more to update the blog. It was really weird driving through the mountains, the mountains that only 6 months ago when PJ would say "look at that! That's pretty" I would frown and say "sure", only to be the one saying "look how pretty!". It really was a beautiful drive (I mean you can look at the pictures and see the difference from all the land we've crossed, Tennessee and NC are certainly the prettiest). We'll be here for a little while and then we're going to cross another border into Georgia! While we're here there will be lots and lots of eating, friends reuniting, and I get to see my gramma (Mammow as we cal her). Good clean fun ya'll- so go out and have some for yourself!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Greetings From MO:

A more citi-fied place. We woke up from what was probably the most comfortable bed we have slept on in a very long time and ate a wonderful breakfast! Then got in the car and expected a pretty short day- maybe only 6 hours of driving. Then, as we approached Iowa, we saw a sign that said "Missouri River bridge closed, take alternate route". So we took the alternate route which was about 15 miles south. When we got to the bridge, we saw yet another sign stating "Missouri River bridge closed, take alternate route." So we did. We drove for another 20 miles South (we're supposed to be going South East so it is out of the way) and when we got to the bridge, what did we see? "Missouri River closed, take alternate route". Thank goodness for Garmin (GPS) because we were about to flip. We drove for another 20 miles South and then 20 more miles East and finally were able to cross the bridge. There was a lot of celebrating going on let me tell you! I guess Missouri was trying to close the borders to the Mormons again. So now we're here and the Giddens have been ever so hospitable feeding us a wonderful dinner and providing a really huge (like the biggest I've ever seen) air mattress. Tomorrow is the last day- back to North Carolina! Until Then.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Greetings From NE:

Kinda back in the city! Today was amazing, clear skies, I got to switch driving with PJ half-way through the day and take a nap, and we didn't have to stop to get food! We have a huge bag of sandwich supplies, popcorn, chips, drinks, and of course chocolate we have been keeping in the front seat with us so we only have to stop for gas and to switch drivers. Today we went from Mountain Time to Central Time so we lost an hour of travel time and since the speed limit on interstate-80 is 75 MPH we also lost an hour of driving! This morning we thought it would take 10 hours to get across Nebraska, but it only took 8. And what do you do when you check into your lovely hotel after an 8 hour drive? Work out of course. We worked out and then ate the best dinner I think we've had (outside of my cooking of course...) in the last 6 months: Cracker Barrel! I got faked out so many times in Rexburg because people would say "we're having BBQ" and I'd get there and they'd have burgers and hot dogs. I would say "oh, so we're grilling?" and they'd say "yah, we're BBQ-ing". So when I walked into Cracker Barrel and they had a real BBQ half-chicken advertised, I knew what I was having. PJ had some BBQ brisket, and we left with a happy and full tummy.
Now our hotel: it is amazing! Each room comes with a kitchenette and it seems like granite counter tops. There's an exercise room, pool, small grocery store, and free laundry!! Last night we stayed at a place in Rawlins which Priceline put as a 3-star hotel and let's just suffice it to say it was not. There are some small things which really stand out like there was a timer on the bathroom light which turned off after 15 minutes and there was no shower liner for the shower. Only a thick curtain. There were stains at the top of the shower and on the carpet throughout the room. The TV was old- like from the 80's or something. And the breakfast provided was in the lobby with no lounge to eat it so you either picked up a bagel and left or went back to your room to eat it. I commented on the internet- but really it was basically non-existent. Now with all that said, of course we were grateful to have a place to stay for the night, but we paid the same price for the hotel here in Nebraska as we did there in Rawlins and we got the better deal here. Tomorrow we're off to Missouri and we get to stay with an awesome family we met in GA and they moved to MO. For pictures from the past two days click here. Until tomorrow!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Greetings From WY:

AKA the middle of nowhere. Our trip was so nice today without any blowing snow, icy roads, or snow drifts. It did rain most of the day, but I'll take snow over the afore mentioned weather. An update on us: PJ has finished two semesters at BYU-I and I have done one. We both got the academic scholarship which pays for our tuition for two semesters so we are super excited (and tired) from that! Since we are off track for fall semester we thought we would go work in DISNEY WORLD until January when we go back to school! Thus we are driving back through the northern part of the country to get back to the southeast to see family for a little while and then down to Orlando to work for the mouse. I will be working in Cosmic Rays- a restaurant in Tomorrow Land in Magic Kingdom, and PJ will be working bus transportation. We're not really sure what that means but he also will be taking a class specifically geared towards Engineers who want to work at Disney World so he will be able to meet some big wigs and learn all about the robots in the park- which he's super excited about. WY looks a lot different without snow covered hills, but thanks to some good friends (Page!) we have some TV shows and movies on our computer to watch when the road gets a little boring. Tomorrow we are headed to Lincoln NE which, last time around, was our worst drive because we hit a snow storm. Seeing how it will be Aug 2nd we're hoping it should be a much smoother ride, but they say you never know out here. I would add some pictures, but the internet here seems to know we're in the middle of nowhere and is not the sharpest crayon in the box, so hopefully we'll have better luck in NE. Until tomorrow!