Monday, October 10, 2011

Disney Thoughts

-I am probably the only person out there that doesn't like Cinderella, but I don't. It's too bad she had an evil step mother and mean step sisters, but don't all of us have to clean eventually? I feel like Cinderella didn't do anything out of the ordinary (except have a fairy godmother) in order to win her Prince. I actually like Stephen Sondheim's take on the Cinderella story better in "Into the Woods". Yes, we all wish our houses could come magically clean so we would have time to go to the ball, but shoulders to the wheel you know?

-People spend a lot of money to go to Disney World. Best times to go to Disney World: February-May and Late September into middle November during the week. A lot of locals come to Disney World on the weekend when they're out of school/work and if it's a three day weekend, people who live a days drive away will try to make the trip too. Do not go to the park that has Extra Magic Hours- that park is always the most crowded. Also, we just recently had a promotion going to where if you stayed in a Disney resort you got a free meal plan during your stay. Look for these promotions!

-Hollywood Studios is my least favorite park. I hear the peanut gallery already going "what??" but it's small, the ride lines are really crowded together and people only go to that park to ride Aerosmith and Tower of Terror. Once that's done with they wander around and, while there are some other great rides in that park, there are a lot of [great] shows. Indiana Jones, Lights Motor Action!, Beauty and the Beast, Ariel's Grotto, along with rides which involve a certain amount of show such as The Great Movie Ride and the Back Lot Tour. Don't get me wrong, it is still a fun park, but it takes the most planning to get through successfully.

-Which leads me to Animal Kingdom is my favorite! I have been to Animal Kingdom 3 times since we've been down here and I still have not experienced everything. Animal Kingdom has a much more relaxed atmosphere. At first you'll want to do the "Disney Walk" and get to Everest or Dinosaur, but you'll find you can't stop looking all around you. The attention to detail is amazing from the trees, animals, to the pavement. Oh, and if you ride the Kali River Rapids ride- you will get wet. Just a heads up.

-If you're thinking about working at WDW, it will be different in other ways from any other job you've had, but it will be the same in many ways. One of the biggest differences will probably be a demand for excellence. A pro, especially for doing the Disney College Program, is the acknowledgement from the company that you will only be there for 5 or so months and the comfort in the back of your mind that you will only be there for 5 or so months. I have worked many part time jobs knowing I would not be there for long and it so nice having the communal consensus that I will be leaving on a certain date.

-Finally, this is a major operation. WDW is currently in the works for building a second Disney World in China- Shanghai to be exact, and is undergoing a major addition to Fantasy Land in Magic Kingdom. There will be Beasts Castle and a new Ariel place along with a new Dumbo land. I have heard eventually each princess will be represented (other than making photo appearances) in the parks. There is also a new Disney Vacation Club Resort in Hawaii. Disney also hires at least 7,000 college students every 6 months to come work in Disney World alone. Sounds like a pretty generous company to me!