Saturday, December 10, 2011

Where do you Live?

Remember when we were working for Disney?

Well, we're not anymore.

There are a lot of reasons why, but it really comes down to we didn't want to anymore. So now we get to spend Christmas with family! But there is this pesky question that keeps coming up: "Where are you guys living now". For some reason people don't like it when you just stare back at them.
I mean there is no way for us to answer that question without telling our whole life story. By the time we're through, people are cross eyed and thinking "are they avoiding the law?" but I rest assure, we're not. We just can't sit still. Some people, when first married and without kids, travel to South America or back pack across Europe. We apparently like to drive across America. So consider this our virtual Christmas letter about our family, because I don't know all ya'll's mailing addresses anyway.

We currently attend BYU-I. BYU-I has a three track system to where you can only be assigned to two tracks at a time and usually have the third off. There is an option of "fast grad" to apply to go all three tracks but you're only eligible once you attend two consecutive semesters at BYU-I. So we are assigned to the Winter/Spring track and were going to have Fall off. PJ had the option of applying to fast grad but then I would be out of school for another semester sitting around our apartment and that would be boring. So we decided (after much prayer) to see if we would be accepted to the Disney College Program. We were. We moved to Florida expecting to stay in Florida until January when we would start school again. But once we got to working, we didn't see each other much, we didn't make much money, and overall we were not happy. So, even though logically we should just stick it out, we felt like we should leave. We did.

So now we're roaming around visiting family in Georgia and North Carolina until we go back to school in January. Our top priority right now is finishing school and, seeing as how we have about 7 more semesters to go, there will not be much else for us to do until January 2nd. I guess the short answer to "where do you live" is nowhere. We're just moseying along.